This product are for the maintenance of the breast and butt they help to increase the size of the boobs,this product include:
(1)Boobs Firming Oil (10,000): This is a combination of essentials oil that help tighten up the skin around the boobs thereby lifting up the boobs and stopping sagging.
(2) Boob’s Enlargement Cream 15,000: This is the low budget enlargement cream recommended for those with average boobs who want to increase it. (3) Luxury Boob’s Enlargement 30,000: This is recommended for women who have small boob’s and intend to increase the size.
(4)Mini Butt Enlargement 20,000: herbal butt enlargement combo made from natural ingredients to attain a level of enlargement.
(5) Maxi Butt Enlargement 30,000: A stronger and larger combination of product for butt enlargement
1 How effective is it?
Ans: 100 % effective but consistency is required to attain desires results, this product are not for the lazy.
2 Can it cause Cancer ?
Ans: No, they are made from natural herbs.
3 Are the result permanent ?
Ans: Yes it is except in a situation of general weight loss.

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