Infection and vaginal odour

Infection and vaginal odour
Sexually transmitted diseases(STD) is a major epidemy in the society and most times orthodox medicines do not really cure them. At Mideshaven we have special herbs formulated to cure these infections probably and probably avoid a reoccurence( that is if the client does not contact). Also because of poor hygeine,diets,choice of undies etc. Mideshaven products that solve these problems are:
1. Cure for chronic infections( chronic gonorrhea,staph etc) The recommendation for this is based on clients test result.
2. Mideshaven Detox: This is recommended in cases of nerve infections and toxins or serious vaginal odour. It cleanses all infections that are disrupting the woman’s sexual organs/activity.
Rosy Clit(6,000): A scented herbal oil with antiseptic properties that gives the pussy a divine and lovely scent. In a case of mild vaginal odour or keeping your pussy fresh and clean.
1. What do you need my test result for?
– In order to know what we’re treating rather than just treating an infection blindly.
2. How effective is this?
– 101% effective

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