What are pussy sweetners?
Pussy sweetners are products that are used to sweeten the pussy in the sense that,it makes sex pleasurable and enjoyed by both parties. That is, it’ll make the woman attain orgasm,climax and derive pleasurable pleasure while the man will feel irresistible feeling of pleasure and enjoyment during sexual intercourse.(please note that the more expensive the more effective it is).
Mides’haven products that offers these functions are (swipe to see pictures)
1. Adodun package(50,000): I’ll call this, the sex kit for extreme pleasure of sweetness and tightness.
2. Pussy Ganja(15,000): Just as the name implies it makes the man addicted to the pussy, it also makes the pussy slippery wet.
3. Intoxic(10,000): It makes sex spontaneous and pleasant. It makes sex addictive.
4. Pussy Sensation(6,000): It gives a tingling sensation for pleasure and makes both parties reach orgasm.

1. How does it work?
It activates the hormones in the human body to release pleasure.
2. What are the side effects?
This products has no side effects whatsoever
3. How effective is it?
These products are 100% effective and have a 95% positive feedbacks
4. What are they made of?
They are made from herbs and organic products

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