Mides flusher chronic (vodka based)


The amount of sugar we consume on a daily basis does a lot of harm tonour body,that’s why a grown up man who is physically fit cannot perform well ,because the sugar in his body is making his sexual organs. We are particularly launching this Product for our clients who live abroad and have limited access to herbal treatment .
It flushes hemorrhoid that’s Still In the early stage, for severe hemorrhoid order the chronic.
How does it work?
This herbs serves to to heal hemorrhoids naturally by stabilizing and tightening the walls of blood vessels. And, it helps preserve structural integrity of capillaries, arteries, and veins. It also improves microcirculation within the tissues.
Why are there 3 different types
Water based: for those who don’t take alcohol
Alcohol based : perfect for strong effects
Vodka based : for VIP clients that don’t do cheap alcohol 😉. (Available on pre-order only).
To order water/alcohol based



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