Mr everlasting (alcohol based)


Mr Everlasting
At Mideshaven we don’t just name products , we observe it first. (I don’t want to tell you what my eyes saw that made me name it everlasting).And I tell you If you are a 2 mins noodles and you haven’t ordered this product you’re doing yourself.Its unfair on your partner that you cum within seconds ,like I mean how do you expect her to enjoy.Let me tell you that’s why she’s never in the mood ,she will rather have her strong driver . This product is a must have for every sure guy it,makes you fit.

How does it work?
This herbs are capable of energizing you. It can enhance your stamina and endurance that are necessary for helping you perform longer in the bedroom.effective in relieving you from stress. This herbs have adaptogen, a nontoxic substance that enhances the body’s natural resistance to environmental stressors
Why are there 3 different types
Water based: for those who don’t take alcohol
Alcohol based : perfect for strong effects
Vodka based : for VIP clients that don’t do cheap alcohol 😉. (Available on pre-order only)
To order for any of ther other two search the store,and add to cart



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