Juicy Jelly (Wetness Booster)


This product is a double dose of of yumminess, yummy to the tongue and yummy to the pussy, chocolate tasty in the tongue and juicy flavour in the pussy.
Every time i hear the verse “my cup runneth over” of psalm 23 . I literally imagine pussies overflowing because of juicy jelly.
Juicy jelly is a must have for every woman, sexual problem or not , if you’re a squiter you’ll squirt and if you don’t you’re gonna be dripping like a fountain. I wish every woman can get a hold of the product, so we’re banishing lubricant companies forever.
Nothing beats natural lubrication,  get the juicy jelly today and join the league of natural drippers.
Even hormonal rage from childbirth or menopause has nothing on the product, at the presence of juicy jelly they all bow.

It mildly calms the nerves,thereby relaxing the central nervous system and thereby making sex less painful. It also increases the releases of fluids and lubrication thereby causing the vagina to be constantly moisturized.


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