Sugar Flusher Plus (powdered herbs)


Sugar flusher The most popular Yoruba herbs were curated into this, herbs for “Jedi” and “opa eyin”. so it’s a double effect product.

Sugar flusher flushes excess sugar and toxins from your body and cures back and waist pain.

What many people don’t know is the importance of sugar flusher in their sex life.

If your body contains excess sugar, it will affect your performance. You may not be able to last long enough.
And if you’re having back or waist pain, you can’t deliver the thrust that will make your woman climax.

All in all SUGAR FLUSHER is good for your general well being.

Everyone should have this product including men and women. Especially if you live abroad and eat a lot of junk.

P.S: sugar flusher plus is in 2 variants
The powdered herbs And teabags. (Content are the same).

Regular Price:
Powdered- N23,000/£19/$24/30CAD

Discount Sales Price:
Powdered- N12,000/£10/$12/18CAD

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