OrgaCum (Sweetener)


Even from the name you should be able to tell what this product is about double dose of pleasure “ORGASM/CUM” even the strongest of Genes will cum!!. Did i just hear I am circumcised, circumcision got nothing to do with this product “obaad gaan” to now top all this awesomeness it slightly tightens too.So if you’re on a tight budget, sweetner and Tightner toh bad.
If you can afford a Seperate Tightner kindly go for it for best result as Orgacum only slightly tightens.
The pleasure from the Orgacum are not just enjoyed by the woman but also by the man.
With Orgacum ejaculation has never felt better, if you ever want to unleash the gangster in you then you need this product.
It gives an explosive pleasure

It increases the blood flow to the vagina and by association “To the penis too”.So when you use it,you don’t get enough,you will desire more.
It’s soothes the human nerves thereby causing a release of hormones required for pleasure.

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Standard size: #10,000


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