Tingle Me (Sweetener)


Tingle me is an oral sweetner, which is highly recommended for people who like to do “licky licky” (oral sex) hence they cannot use inserted sweetners.
Tingle me gives this tingling sensation that will make pleasure more intense, for every stroke it gets sweet and sweeter for both couple.
And the good thing is with Tingle me you can have other forms of orgasms like nipple orgasm,neck orgasm etc.As it stimulates the whole body.

If you’re a woman who doesn’t enjoy sex or your man doesn’t enjoy you, or you simply want to blow him away, this product is highly recommended for both couple.

This product does not literally sweeten it gives the feeling.

It contains Damiana which makes the nerves of the body tingle with sexual sensation, thereby increasing the amount of pleasure experienced appetite of sexual desire. (JAMES DUKE Ph.D 1985). Hence it’s name tingle me
Also the cucumber enhances blood flow, and relaxation of the vessels needed for The Whole episode of fun.


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Tingle Me

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